Advising Student-Athletes: A Collaborative Approach to Success

Advising Student-Athletes: A Collaborative Approach to Success


ISBN: 978-1-935140-18-4

College student-athletes are a unique population on a college campus. Advising Student-Athletes: A Collaborative Approach to Success is a monograph dedicated to educating campus professionals on how to best work collaboratively to maximize student-athlete success on campus. This monograph includes contributions by leading researchers and practitioners on key topical areas including social issues of sport, academic reform, bridging the gap between campus and athletics, unique student-athlete issues, student development theory, career considerations and ethical and legal issues. There are several case studies on subpopulations and special issues such as LGB, learning issues, two-year college transfers, international, nonrevenue sports, division 3, and mental health. Finally, hot topics are also addressed such as HBCUs, social networks, high achieving African American male student-athletes, Black female student–athletes, crisis situations and high school considerations. The reader will find several practical strategies and suggestions, in addition to discussion questions and resource listings.

This monograph is a must-have for professionals on both sides of campus (regardless of the role of sport on their campus) in order to help them better serve the student-athlete population.

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