Scholarly Inquiry in Academic Advising

Scholarly Inquiry in Academic Advising


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ISBN: 978-1-935140-20-7

Do you want to know "why"? Why do some of our students fail to succeed? Which campus practices provide the best “bang for our buck”? What is the best advisee load for our campus situation? What kind of research is necessary to complete a dissertation? Don’t wait for someone else to answer your questions. Answer these questions and more by completing your own research!

Scholarly Inquiry in Academic Advising is a comprehensive guide for completing research that will make a real difference on your campus and for your career. Novice researchers will learn the key elements of what is required in the various stages of the research process without feeling overwhelmed. More experienced researchers will discover insights into research practice.

Chapters within this book will help you formulate research questions, structure research, find useful theoretical and methodological approaches, guide analysis, and find publication outlets. Graduate students, advisors, and administrators will be able to use the contents of this monograph to affect everyday practices and activities. The examples provided illustrate concepts and principles, procedures, and techniques that will help you conduct formal inquiry in the field and improve your advising practice.

This monograph embraces all modes of inquiry, breaking away from preconceived beliefs about research activity. From experimental studies preferred by quantitative researchers to anthropological-type studies embraced by qualitative researchers, this monograph will help you discover patterns and find meaning with whatever tools are available.

Now is the time to discover "why"? Use your member discount to purchase this valuable research tool and begin your quest to improve academic advising and your career!

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