The New Advisor Guidebook: Mastering the Art of Academic Advising, 2nd ed.

The New Advisor Guidebook: Mastering the Art of Academic Advising, 2nd ed.


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ISBN: 978-1118823415

This is an exciting time to be an academic advisor—a time in which global recognition of the importance of advising is growing, research affirms the critical role advising plays in student success, and institutions of higher education increasingly view advising as integral to their missions and essential for improving the quality of students' educational experiences. It is essential that advisors provide knowledgeable, realistic counsel to the students in their charge. The New Advisor Guidebook helps advisors meet this challenge.

The first and final chapters of the book identify the knowledge and skills advisors must master and presents frameworks for creating, setting and benchmarking self-development goals/plans. Each of the chapters in between focuses on foundational content: the basic terms, concepts, information, and skills advisors must learn in their first year as well as strategies, questions, guidelines, examples, and case studies that give advisors the tools to apply in their work with students. The book covers various ways in which advising is delivered: one-to-one, in groups, and online.

The New Advisor Guidebook serves as an introduction to what advisors must know to do their jobs effectively. It pairs with Academic Advising Approaches: Strategies That Teach Students to Make the Most of College, also from NACADA, which presents the delivery strategies successful advisors can use to help students make the most of their college experience.

Instructor's Manual: (Includes Reader Learning Outcomes and Aiming for Excellence Discussion Questions/Activities)