Beyond Foundations: Developing as a Master Advisor

Beyond Foundations: Developing as a Master Advisor


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ISBN: 978-1118922897

Beyond Foundations: Developing as a Master Advisor was written expressly for experienced academic advisors!  Experienced academic advisors know they must meet institutional expectations while navigating an increasingly complex range of student issues. The book provides the insight and clarity that experienced advisors need to help students achieve their educational goals and advance our field.

Beyond Foundations is the third and final book in the NACADA/Jossey-Bass “Advisor Core Resource Library” (the other two books are the 2013 Academic Advising Approaches and the 2015 New Advisor Guidebook).  The editors and authors provide insights into the important issues affecting the practice of academic advising. Building upon the NACADA Pillar documents (Concept of Advising, Core Values, and CAS Standards), chapters delve into the conceptual component of academic advising. The result is a book that not only advances advisors’ understanding, practice, and leadership but provides practical steps that contribute to development including how to use existing resources in new ways; apply theory to advance advising practice; create and optimize professional development opportunities; establish recognition for the contributions of academic advisors to the institution and higher education; and face challenges by the changing higher education landscape.

Instructor's Manual: (Includes Reader Learning Outcomes and Aiming for Excellence Discussion Questions/Activities)

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