Advising International Chinese Students

Advising International Chinese Students


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The need to provide adequate and culture-sensitive support to the ever increasing groups of international Chinese students on U.S. campuses has recently become one of the most salient challenges for academic advisers. The current advising monograph provides a key to understanding the issues critical to shaping the identities of Chinese students through highlighting the social, cultural and educational contextual factors that can impact these students’ engagement in the overall college experience in the United States. A major part of this work addresses the development of advisers' skills that inform their interactions with international students: understanding the differences and similarities in international student needs compared to those of domestic students, as well as mastering the strategies of cultural coaching and mentoring. The book emphasizes the importance of cultivating a comparative and ethnographic mindset in advisers and providing flexible academic guidance and cultural mentoring as foundational aspects of intercultural advising. It explains the importance of providing opportunities to international students that support language preparation, social integration, and learning about life and society in the United States. The monograph complements prior literature and empirical research with an original qualitative study of the perceptions of 30 Chinese undergraduates on a U.S. university campus.

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