What is Academic Advising?: An Introduction to the Field

What is Academic Advising?: An Introduction to the Field

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ISBN: 978-1-939213-29-7

What is Academic Advising?: Introduction to the Field (2017)
Leigh Cunningham, Editor

Throughout the history of higher education, advising or counseling students has been a necessary component of the educational process. Although it has appeared in many forms, transforming itself according to existing purposes of higher education, academic advising has sought to meet the needs of individual students within the contemporary context of their institutional cultures. This update of NACADA’s most popular pocket guide, originally printed in 2006, contains foundational information regarding the history and definitions of academic advising, the pedagogy and outcomes of academic advising, the process and content of academic advising, review and assessment of the structure of an advising program, and the scholarship of academic advising. This publication, revised to provide background for and accompany the NACADA Academic Advising Core Competencies Guide (PG23), is a great resource for an introduction to or a refresher on the basic tenets of academic advising.