Academic Advising Core Competencies Guide 2nd Edition

Academic Advising Core Competencies Guide 2nd Edition

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ISBN: 978-1-939213-77-8

Barbara Smith and Leigh Cunningham, Editors

At the request of the association’s leadership, the NACADA Academic Advising Core Competencies Model (2022) was developed by NACADA’s Professional Development Committee. The purpose of the model is to identify the broad range of understanding, knowledge, and skills that support academic advising, to guide professional development, and to promote the contributions of advising to student development, progress, and success. The language of the model is broadly designed to be applicable to all academic advising personnel in any of the myriad advising situations found throughout the Global Advising Community. To achieve excellence in their work, regardless of the specifics of their individual campus’ advising mission, all academic advisors must understand the model’s three components—conceptual, informational, and relational—and be able to synthesize and apply them as needed in academic advising interactions. The 2nd edition of this publication provides updates and expansions to explanations of the 20 core competencies in the three component areas to guide advising personnel on their professional development journey.