Advising Student Athletes

Advising Student Athletes

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ISBN: 978-1-939213-22-8

60 min – November 1, 2016 (DW71 – Season 11)
Panelists: Adrienne Ridgeway (Marquette University) and Karen Schiferl (Chicago State University)

Intercollegiate athletics is a unique feature of higher education in America. Student-athletes who participate in intercollegiate athletics are a special population on college campuses because of the dichotomous relationship between athletics and academia. In this 60-minute videocast presentation, presenters Adrienne Ridgeway (Marquette University) and Karen Schiferl (Chicago State University) explore the academic experience of student-athletes in higher education and offer professionals who advise student-athletes some best practices. They provide experience-based and contemporary knowledge on the college student-athlete to enhance understanding of the student-athlete population and increase ability to advise effectively. Focus is on athletic culture and higher education; the student-athlete experience and identity; NCAA eligibility standards, regulations, and reform; and academic advising and support specific to student-athletes.