Academic Advising for “Double Dose” First Generation Students

Academic Advising for “Double Dose” First Generation Students

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ISBN: 978-1-939213-44-0

60 min – September 12, 2018 (Wednesday)
Panelists: Tara Connolly and Sione Lavaka (Truckee Meadows Community College)

All students face challenges when they begin higher education.  A considerable body of research explores the added challenges that first-generation students encounter, including developing a sense of belonging.  But what about first-generation students who have the added challenge of being first-generation in a new culture as well?  In this 60-min videocast presentation, Tara Connolly and Sione Lavaka (Truckee Meadows Community College) refer to these students as double-dose first-gen students, and as members of this population themselves, they have experienced first-hand many of the challenges and obstacles they will discuss.  In this NACADA First Generation College Student Advising Community-sponsored event, the presenters began with a brief explanation of the concept of double-dose first-gen students, and then explored the cultural challenges that arise as these students navigate higher education.  They framed this exploration through Geert Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory, taking a closer look at some specific differences between the U.S. national culture and other national cultures that are often the place of origin of double-dose first-gen American students.  They then reviewed select advising approaches through this cultural lens to determine the pros and cons of each approach as it relates to the double-dose first-gen population, considering ways to overcome the potential downfalls to ensure that advisors and students are able to work collaboratively to better ensure students’ sense of belonging, engagement, and success in higher education.