Academic Advising and Anger: Keeping Advisors and Students Safe

Academic Advising and Anger: Keeping Advisors and Students Safe

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ISBN: 978-1-939213-51-8

60 min – May 21, 2019 (Tuesday)
Panelists: Julie Preece, Scott Hosford, & Michael Brooks (Brigham Young University)

Academic advising professionals know that there may be times when they are called upon to work with students who are frustrated or angry. Not all students are able to express their concerns and frustrations openly or in a safe manner. Some may communicate hostility in a passive way; others may express themselves in a way that feels threatening to the advisor. How can advisors recognize warning signs, even if passive, that a student is angry? How can advisors help a student while defusing their frustration? In this 60-min videocast presentation, Julie Preece, Scott Hosford, and Michael Brooks (Brigham Young University) share their ideas and expertise for strategies to help advisors stay safe when working with a student who is openly or passively angry. Video clips of advising sessions are shown, and the presenters offer suggestions for recognizing angry students. They provide strategies to calm a student and share possible plans to keep both advisor and student safe in the advising situation.