Communicating with Students

Communicating with Students


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Communicating with Students.  The ‘Effective Communications’ chapter from The New Advisor Guidebook and that book’s ‘One-to-One’ Advising chapter are classic relational training and development tools. These chapters, along with a guide to conducting individual conferences, help advisors structure effective advising sessions in this 32-page read.  (Note:  Toolkit 3 appeals to all who advise including primary-role advisors as well as faculty and peers).

Each e-download Toolkit includes the materials needed for an effective professional development ‘hot topic workshop’. Included are: 1) a chapter from a best-selling NACADA/Jossey-Bass book, 2) reader learning outcomes focused on important themes, 3) activities/questions to guide discussions, and 4) support resources (i.e., case studies, checklists, or questions) that improve advising practice.

Colleagues who purchased this toolkit have used it for individual professional development and as a common reading via their campus learning management system (e.g., Canvas, Blackboard) and in workshops. Contact with questions regarding how to best utilize a toolkit for advisor development.

Book and link:
The New Advisor Guidebook